About Us

The Centre de travail adapté LARO Inc. is one of the oldest social economy enterprises in Québec.


The history of our enterprise is 50 years old. It all started in 1962, with a group of parents by the name of “L’Association de Hull pour les enfants arriérés Inc”. They opened a workshop by the name of “Atelier Laurentien” in the basement of a school on Montcalm Street in Hull. Their goal was to occupy about 5 kids with an intellectual deficiency.

In 1964, the “Atelier Laurentien” moved to 116 Lois Street in Hull, in an area of 2,400 sq. ft. It now accommodates 38 intellectually handicapped people.

In 1972, the workshop moved to Juneau Street in Hull, in an area of 4,800 sq. ft., where 45 handicapped people worked.

In 1973, the “Atelier Laurentien” changed its name to: “Les Ateliers de Réadaptation de l’Outaouais” in order to better represent our social goal.

In April of 1974, the Department of Social Affairs recognized us as a “Sheltered workshop”. In December of the same year, we moved to 179 Deveault Street once again, in an area of 6,800 sq. ft., where over 54 individuals worked (handicapped people).

In October of 1975, we opened a new rehabilitation workshop in Gatineau with 38 handicapped individuals, as well as another workshop at the “Ferme Soleil” in Luskville where another 10 handicapped people work. In June 1976, both shops were also recognized as “Sheltered Workshops”, by the Department of Social Affairs, and therefore subsidized by them.

It was in December 1979 that we took a radical change due to the provincial government Law No 9. We obtained our accreditation from the “Office des personnes handicapées du Québec” as an “Adapted working centre “. This meant many drastic changes, including the transfer of the “Atelier de Gatineau” and the “Ferme Soleil” to the “Pavillon du Parc” association. But the most important modifications were, following our accreditation, our individuals became paid employees and the “Ateliers de Réadaptation de l’Outaouais” therefore had to be self-funded.


In 1980, we purchased the 179 Deveault Street building where we had been since 1974; expansions and renovations were undertaken in order to create a workplace greater than 13,600 sq. ft. Since our social and economic goal changed, that same year, we also modified our name. “Les Ateliers de Réadaptation de l’Outaouais “ became “Centre de travail adapté LARO Inc.” or “CTA Laro Inc. ”

As always, our goal is to provide quality jobs to handicapped people who remain productive, but non-competitive in the regular labour market. They can, therefore, with proper guidance, perform top quality work efficiently.

Finally, in 2005, with a budget close to 1.5 million dollars, we decided to renovate once again, and expand the work area which gives us today, one of the most modern buildings of 21,500 sq. ft. These new renovations allowed us to better accommodate our handicapped employees and to raise the quality and the quantity of equipment in order to offer more efficient and professional services to our assiduous and highly respected clientele.


Our staff

  • Marie-Paule Thérien, Director General
  • Michelle Cossette, Production and human resources director
  • Natalie Martinelli, Accounting technician
  • Mélissa Céré-Villeneuve, Secretary
  • Chantal Thibert, Supervisor
  • Elaine Graveline, Supervisor
  • Denis Lemieux, Supervisor
  • Jean-Pierre Corneau, Supervisor

Board of Directors

  • Pierre Paquette, President
  • Donald Plouffe, Vice-President
  • Marcel Joly, Past President
  • Réal Charest, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Roger Proulx, Directeur
  • Claude Gervais, Director
  • Claude Lefebvre, Director
  • André Lemery, Directeur