Complement binding

The complement to binding service includes all the extras of the binding service in order to give the most professional look to all the documents we handle; always according to your requests, your expectations, your criteria and as soon as possible.


Our experienced staff is very well recognized as being skillful, alert and conscientious, which makes them experts as much in simple manual tasks as in more complex ones.

  • Whether it is colligating signatures, cutting them into 1, 2, 3 or 4 faces;
  • Whether it is inserting tabs or dividers in the already completed texts;
  • Or whether it is assembling sheets and gluing them together to make notebooks or notepads;
  • Or even whether it is perforating sheets to insert them into binders;
  • Or even to simply fold sheets or cardboard;
  • Or for any other office or printing projects;
We have highly qualified staff available to achieve all your complement binding projects within a time limit that is convenient for you.

Our work is always guaranteed and we have earned an excellent reputation.

Furthermore, if need be, we can include a delivery/reception service for all merchandise that we handle. Our accredited and experienced drivers can pick up and/or deliver all the material included in your projects. To do so, according to the dimensions of the material to be handled, we have a small commercial van for the smaller orders as well as a bigger truck (14 sq. ft.) for the larger projects.

Please do not hesitate to come and let us know about your binding and complement binding needs. We will gladly greet you and guide or help you in your choices and the different options we have. You can contact us by phone at 819-770-6434 or by e-mail at We look forward to serving you.