Poly Bagging

At the Centre de travail LARO Inc., we offer a very complete packing preparation service, which is polybagging, and we always make sure, according to your criteria, to complete your polybagging requests.


This polybagging process consists of assembling, colligating, gathering different items or other promotional products, such as pencils, sheets, notepads, notebooks, etc.; to insert them into plastic bags of all sizes.

We are also very well-equipped to guarantee a complete polybagging service and we are experts in sealing and/or stapling plastic bags or in packaging all products according to your specifications quickly and precisely.

No matter the size of your polybagging projects, we have the most qualified employees needed to meet all your packing preparation needs. Our polybagging service is always done as soon as possible and our prices remain competitive.

Furthermore, if need be, we can include a delivery/reception service for all merchandise that we handle. Our accredited and experienced drivers can pick up and/or deliver all the material included in your projects. To do so, according to the dimensions of the material to be handled, we have a small commercial van for the smaller orders as well as a bigger truck (14 sq. ft.) for the larger projects. Our recently renovated 21,500 sq. ft. facility includes an indoor garage equipped with a forklift truck to help with handling merchandise.

Therefore, for all your polybagging needs, whether they are manual or mechanical,simple or more complex, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 819-770-6434 or by e-mail at info@ctalaro.com.