Shrinkwrap Packaging

This packaging service, known as “shrinkwrap”, consists of clear plastic packaging that shrinks with hot air to the shape of the product being packaged. Its purpose is to support and solidify the packages and the bundles.



We guarantee that we can always wrap or assemble one, two or even more items of different shapes and sizes into one package or bundle.

All the shrinkwrap packaging is put into boxes to make it easier to transport.

The best advantage for this type of shrinkwrap packaging is that you can see the wrapped product very well while keeping it clean.

Shrinkwrap packaging gives your merchandise an impeccable protection as well as a solid, clean and professional look, while remaining easy to identify.

Our specialized machinery, combined with our experienced employees, make them experts in shrinkwrap packaging. And rest assured that each package without exception is verified for complete quality control.

Furthermore, if need be, we can include a delivery/reception service for all merchandise that we handle. Our accredited and experienced drivers can pick up and/or deliver all the material included in your projects. To do so, according to the dimensions of the material to be handled, we have a small commercial van for the smaller orders as well as a bigger truck (14 sq. ft.) for the larger projects. Our recently renovated 21,500 sq. ft. facility includes an indoor garage equipped with a forklift truck to help with receiving and/or delivering small or more voluminous material on pallets.

For all your superior-quality shrinkwrap packaging needs, please come and see us at 179 Deveault Street in Gatineau’s industrial park (Hull sector). For more information or to submit a request, you can contact us by phone at 819-770-6434 or by e-mail at