Complete Mail Preparation

No matter the size of your complete mailing preparation projects, they are all achievable no matter how complex they are. We are here to make it easier for you with all your postal dispatches no matter the location. Our flexible, competent, productive and knowledgeable employees will achieve all the work that you will send our way.



Whether your mailing preparation projects consist of folding and inserting a sheet per envelope, or assembling many articles or documents of different sizes, our experienced and most competent employees can take care of it. Mailing addresses cannot be printed directly on envelopes? Therefore, we offer the possibility to affix labels on the envelopes, as well as on plastic bags to be mailed. You have more specific mailing needs? Well, thanks to our high-tech performing equipment, we can be most creative and most flexible in order to complete all your requests.

Whether it be mailing personalized letters, going from a standard size envelope (format #10) to an oversized envelope (from 9 x 12 and more), or even a padded one; or whether you prefer polyethylene bags of different sizes and/or thicknesses, our complete mailing preparation service is unlimited. Besides, we can always complete your projects according to your own specifications and to the current standards.

Your mailing projects consist of preparing parcels, putting boxes together and boxing items, or rolling up posters and inserting them into mailing tubes. All these projects can easily be accomplished within our complete mailing preparation service.

Furthermore, if need be, we can include a delivery/reception service for all merchandise that we handle. Our accredited and experienced drivers can pick up and/or deliver all the documents to be mailed. To do so, according to the dimensions of the material to be handled, we have a small commercial van for the smaller orders as well as a bigger truck (14 sq. ft.) for the larger mailing preparation projects. Our recently renovated 21,500 sq. ft. facility includes an indoor garage equipped with a forklift truck to help with handling merchandise.

You are welcome to come and meet us at 179 Deveault Street, and/or you can phone us at 819-770-6434, or even e-mail us at for any advice and/or to ask for a quote for your next mailing preparation project.