Containerize and Bundle

Now that the data processing as well as the mailing preparation are complete, we need to finalize the postal dispatch, which means, according to Canada Post terminology, containerize and bundle the whole thing.



Furthermore, at the last step of the data processing, our software mentions two reference codes: the first one indicates the month it was sent out as well as the letter carrier’s route, and the second one indicates in which container the addressed envelope bundles are. This allows us to have greater quality control because everything has to match in order to guarantee proper deliveries.

Therefore, we have to bundle the envelopes sorted by postal code, city, province and country. These same bundles are put into plastic containers from Canada Post especially designed for this and placed into cages ready to be delivered to the post office. Parcels must be tagged with bar codes and placed in the same Canada Post cages in order to be delivered directly to one of their sorting branches.

Our bundling equipment, which means tying up envelopes to make bundles or cello-packaging, is very efficient and modern. Our experienced and skillful employees will be happy to containerize and bundle all your mailing dispatches. Therefore, you can count on our competent, highly skilled employees that are most familiar with all documents that Canada Post needs for envelope or parcel postage billing; they also have all the relevant information needed so that all postal dispatches, small or large, will be stamped correctly.

We include a delivery/reception service for all merchandise that we handle. Our accredited and experienced drivers can pick up and/or deliver all the material to be mailed. To do so, according to the dimensions of the material to be handled, we have a small commercial van for the smaller orders as well as a bigger truck (14 sq. ft.) for the larger projects. Our recently renovated 21,500 sq. ft. facility includes an indoor garage equipped with a forklift truck to help with handling merchandise.

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